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Commercial Projects



This prime real estate is located at Harlem Avenue and 157th Street in Orland Park, Illinois. The building is over 21,000 square feet anchored by Cooper's Hawk Winery.


The design of a commercial and residential development. Anchored by a commercial building with 18,000 square feet of retail space on the first floor and 13,900 square feet of office space on the second floor. This project also includes a 5,200 square foot restaurant. Townhomes face the rear of the commercial project with its large windows, decorative balconies, sitting areas. Full landscaped water features were designed to orient towards the townhomes to create a wonderful visual buffer.


The design of a 49,000 sq. ft. two story building with large storefront shops on the first floor. The second floor is designed for deluxe leasable office space with a separate rear entrance, elevator and parking. The building floor plan provides for an inviting common space upstairs between the office suites. A large strategically placed restaurant space anchors the first floor complimented by a large landscaped outdoor cafe seating area in the rear of the building.


This large redevelopment project involved three structures on an existing stripcenter. A new 73 room hotel was designed with bridal and executive suites, indoor swimming pool and exercise room. The facade of an adjoining 100,000 sq. ft. banquet hall, restaurant, and retail center was redesigned for new tenants. This project also included the renovation of an existing 53,000 sq. ft. retail center with second floor office space.

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